Before Guns There Were Fair Ones

Image of Before Guns There Were Fair Ones

"Before Guns, There were Fair Ones" speaks to a time when conflicts were resolved with a sense of honor, a stark contrast to the challenges we face in urban environments plagued by gun violence today. This design serves as a powerful reminder that there was once a different way – a time when battles were fought with bravery, skill, and a code of fairness. In a world where firearms have become synonymous with danger and tragedy, we must reflect on this alternative path. By acknowledging our shared history, we can envision a future where conflict is resolved through dialogue, understanding, and a commitment to justice. Let this design be a call to action, urging us to address the root causes of gun violence and work together to create safer, more harmonious cities. Together, we can reclaim the principles of fairness, respect, and compassion that should guide our interactions, ultimately building communities where the echoes of gunfire are replaced by the harmony of unity.

Contributing artist: Tshanti Rivera (2008)

Color: Silver 4.5-ounce, 100% ring spun US cotton
Non-topstitched 5/8" rib collar
Taped neck and shoulders
Modern classic fit tubular body
Double-needle sleeves and hem